shutterstock_72108427Children’s Dentistry

We offer routine examinations for children from the age of 2 years. Starting young will get children used to the dental practice environment so that they can establish a confident relationship with the dentist. Some children are not happy to sit in the chair on their own at their first visit and we will not force them to do so. Instead, they may sit on their parent’s laps or just stand so that the dentist can have a look. Sometimes we just give the child a sticker for turning up! We try to make their experience as pleasant as possible to build their confidence every time they come.

As a practice, we believe that it is vital for children to have good dental health care at an early stage in their lives to ensure that they know the importance of good dental health. This helps ensure good dental health for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes children need orthodontic treatment and for this, we will refer the child to an orthodontist. An orthodontist specialises in straightening and moving of teeth. The better positioning will improve appearance, the way that the teeth work together and how the mouth functions. Less strain is placed on the jaw-joints and the surrounding muscles tissue by spreading the workload of biting. Problems in these areas can lead to headaches and joint problems like clicking jaw. Oral health is also is greatly improved because straight teeth are much easier to keep clean!

We offer free check-up appointments twice a year for children under 8 years old whose parents are registered with our practice.

Older children have an option of a check-up at our special children’s rate or they can also have a Denplan dental care plan of their own.

Children on the Child Dental Care Plan will receive checkups and free fissure sealants when necessary.