Cost of Treatment

Whilst the following is intended as a guide to our fees, actual cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the procedure. Please do not hesitate to discuss any of the treatments with your dentist who will be pleased to explain the benefits of individual procedures and their alternatives and provide a written estimate if required.

Extensive Consultation – £50.00

All new patients, and patients who have not visited us for some time, will need to undergo this comprehensive clinical examination, which will include a full medical history and screening of the face, mouth and jaws for oral cancer, as well as screening for gum disease. X-rays will be taken if needed (from £7.55), and from these a detailed assessment will be made; to be followed by a discussion of your dental fitness and any necessary action needed. This will enable us, where necessary, to formulate a written treatment plan specific to your needs.

Routine Dental Examination – £39.60

This involves a thorough examination of the mouth with specific emphasis on monitoring the health of your gums and teeth, followed by a verbal report on any actions needed. Screening for oral cancer will also be carried out. We recommend that all patients have such consultations regularly, as advised by your dentist.

Child’s Examination

Children up to the age of 5 are free when a parent attends our practice as a patient.
Age 5-10 – £13.65
Age 10-18 – £20.00 (includes routine monitoring x-rays)
When a parent does not attend our practice as a patient the examination fee is £20.00 for age 0-18.

Regular Preventative Care – from £64.75

This Practice believes in positive, preventive dental care to maintain your teeth and gums, and to improve their appearance, function and health. Therefore, visits to our Dental Hygienist will be arranged so that a comprehensive mouth care programme can be established for you. This will include any necessary scaling and polishing as well as oral hygiene and dietary advice. The frequency of visits will be discussed at your consultations.

Filling – from £75.90

We believe that it is important for you to retain as much non-decayed tooth as possible. Therefore, a policy of minimal intervention is practised here. When fillings become necessary, this policy is always applied. We only use the highest quality materials and follow the correct “technique sensitive” placement procedures in order to provide you with a long lasting filling.

Tooth Whitening – from £250.00

To improve the appearance and colour of your teeth, bleaching can give a pleasing result. The process involves a series of three appointments, which start with assessment for suitability and impressions. The second visit is to instruct you in the correct use and give you advice. On the third visit your dentist will review the progress. The bleaching process is carried out in your own home (after careful instruction from your dentist) over a two-week period, or it can be carried out in the surgery.

Crown – from £667.00

If a tooth has lost a large amount of tooth substance, it is often better to restore that tooth’s full cosmetic appeal and function by precisely fitting an individually made “cap” over it. The level of technical work required and the choice of material will be fully discussed in order to match your specific needs.

Bridge – from £665.40

This is the fixed replacement of a tooth or a number of teeth as an alternative to a denture so that a natural appearance is restored. The bridge is supported by means of one or more crowns fitted to teeth either side of the space. In some situations an “adhesive” type of bridge might be suggested to reduce the amount of preparation needed on the adjacent teeth. Your dentist and specially trained technicians design it using high quality tooth coloured material.

Veneer – from £800.00

Veneers are purely cosmetic and greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth ensuring a “smile with confidence”. They are thin wafers of porcelain, which are then individually bonded to the teeth, involving the minimum of preparation.

Denture – from £558.30

Where a large number of teeth, or all of them, have been lost, a denture will become necessary to restore appearance, facilitate eating and improve speech. Dentures have to be made to individual quotation because of the many variables involved.

Root Canal Treatment – from £385.20

This is a complex treatment that enables the dentist to save an abscessed or infected tooth that would otherwise require extraction. This treatment is now commonplace in modern dentistry.

Extractions – from £112.70

This dental practice is dedicated to preserving the natural teeth as long as possible. As a result, extraction of teeth is an unusual occurrence.

Sports Mouthguards – from £74.60

Custom-made for each patient’s mouth. We recommend the use of these wherever contact sports are regularly played to avoid loss or fracture of teeth. These are custom-made by our technician. A variety of colours and thickness are available.

 Missed appointments

Missed appointments may be charged for.